The rise of the mobile consumer is undebatable: Chances are, you’re reading this article right now from your smartphone or tablet. As we all continue to use mobile devices in our lives, it is inevitable that we also increasingly use mobile devices for shopping. I spoke with leading expert Chuck Martin, the CEO of Mobile Future Institute and the author of the new Mobile Influence: The New Power of The Consumer. Martin told me that mobile influence is all about influencing the consumer through the new path to purchase, and that the traditional sales funnel is being replaced by what Martin calls the Mobile Shopping Life Cycle. He said, “With mobile, consumers no longer goshopping, they always are shopping.” The great news, for you as a consumer? The mobile consumer is totally empowered, so that you shop when and where you want. That same great news, of course, is also a challenge for marketers, salespeople, and anyone who works for a business that sells a product or service today. View Original Article